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EMR is among Turkey’s leading in manufacturing of structural steel building with its industry-specific experience based on many years, ability to produce in the international standards, and technology power that it owns in the manufacturing. EMR, which services as turnkey in the production of structural steel, with this success, is the first brand that preferred by firms implemented large projects, investors, industrialists, and contractors.

Structural steel system is the system that offers the most ideal construction solutions in large scaled constructions such as industrial structures, commercial buildings, school, hospital, sports facilities, cultural center, social facilities, warehouses, hangars etc. EMR, which builds large scaled and specific designed constructions in a short time, provides a great time and cost advantage to project owners. EMR structural steel buildings are both more aesthetic and very resistant to earthquake. EMR structural steel buildings that can be removed and reassembled as request are also environmentally friendly due to be a recycled material of steel.

The advantages of structural steel system

  • It is very resistant to earthquake with its flexible feature
  • Its flexible feature eases to architectural drawings and allows to special designs.
  • Prefabricated structural steel products are assembled only with bolt connection. This feature that eases the assembly of product provides to be built structural steel products in a much shorter compared to its alternatives.
  • EMR structural steel buildings, if desired, can be removed and reassembled without any casualties.
  • Structural steel system protects to the environment due to be a recycled material of steel
  • Prefabrication allows keeping under audit every stage of construction process. To be audited every stages of manufacturing eliminates possible defects in construction site. There is no waste of time because of being dispatched structural steel products as being completed its all transactions except bolt connection.